Treat Mom to something delicious this year!



1/2 dozen oysters, mignonette 18*
crispy marinated chicken, yuzu kosho 14
avocado toast, hijiki, pickled shallot 16
lobster roll, green curry, thai basil 22
“Everything” Arancini, house cured lox 14
housemade pastries, butter, and jams 14

from the market

kale, crispy and raw, spiced nuts, pecorino, red wine vinaigrette 13
chopped salad, seasonal fruits and vegetables 13
salmon12     chicken 8     shrimp 12     avocado 4


azuki bean french toast, caramelized strawberry, crème fraiche 16
eggs benedict, prosciutto, hollandaise 22
huevos rancheros, black beans, pico de gallo 18
okonomiyaki burger, hot pepper, sharp cheddar, honey potato bun 15
breakfast sandwich, egg, avocado  16
salmon, english pea, meyer lemon 24
ny steak and eggs 28
butter lobster ramen, toasted sesame, chili oil 32
organic quinoa, poached egg, shiitake mushroom 22


brussels sprouts, furikake, lemon 9
hash browns 9
bacon 9
sausage 9