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dineLA lunch

first course; choice of:

  • sashimi white soy, honeycrisp apple, shiso

  • crispy chicken, chili oil, local honey

  • truffle dumplings, wild mushroom dashi

second course; choice of:

  • grilled hanger steak, gochujang, radish

  • butter lobster ramen, woodear mushroom, scallions

  • Cauliflower congee, crispy garlic, fresh herbs


  • Miso Donuts, honey caramel


Monday - Friday 11:30am-2:00pm
January 11 - January 25, 2019

As a non-tipping restaurant, a 20% service charge is added to all checks. This allows us to share the service charge with our kitchen team, providing more equitable wages for all hourly employees.