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dineLA dinner

Through January 26, 2019

Lunch $35 / Dinner $49*
choice of
salmon crudo, fermented pineapple, coconut broth
fried chicken, chile japones, yuzu kosho honey
green tomato tempura, miso, bagna cauda (vegan)

choice of
steamed halibut, garlic chive, szechuan peppercorn
duck bao, miso mole, duck pozole
summer corn rice, miso-glazed eggplant, pickled radish (vegan)

choice of
miso doughnuts
sorbet (vegan)

*Dinner includes an additional amuse-bouche course

As a non-tipping restaurant, a 20% service charge is added to all checks. This allows us to share the service charge with our kitchen team, providing more equitable wages for all hourly employees.