dineLA Menu

first a choice of:

sashimi, pickled daikon, oro blanco kosho
menchi dumplings, bone marrow, lychee
shiitake mushroom croquette, sweet and sour ginger, curry aioli 

second a choice of:

duck pappardelle, Szechuan peppercorn, parmigiano reggiano
grilled octopus, shaved fennel, gochujang
cheese mazemen, scallions, kombu chili oil

third a choice of:

chocolate gateau, caramel, hojicha ice cream
coconut panna cotta, shiso, pomegranate granita


dinner only
Tuesday - Saturday 5:30pm-9:30pm
January 12 - January 26

A 20% service charge is added to all food and beverages. Tips are politely declined. Thank you for supporting equitable wages for our kitchen and service staff.